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New Women's Facilities At Cathy's House

This Women's Facility Was Opened In May 2013

Welcome To Cathy's House For Women

If you are ready to go to any length to achieve sobriety, you are welcome. If not, out of respect for Cathy’s House and the others who reside here; leave until you are absolutely ready. God Bless You.

Admission Policy:

About Housing For Women

The Facility Structure

The women's facility is able to house five women plus a live-in house mother. This facility adds a new wing to the existing structure, that nearly doubles the original building.

The women's facility is run with the same volunteer management structure and the same resident rules that has helped make the men's facility successful

Director Of Operations - Women's Facility

Name :  Jo Sublett
Phone : 330-764-4487

Women's Facility Resident Criteria

  • The potential resident has completed a pre-residence interview and deemed appropriate for residency.
  • The potential resident must be female and 18 years of age or older.
  • The potential resident must agree in writing to abide by Cathy’s House rules and regulations.
  • The potential resident must actively participate in the AA program on a daily basis and be willing to go to any length to achieve sobriety.
  • The potential resident must be willing to sign a drug screen release.
  • The potential resident must be willing to sign a release for a criminal background check.
  • The potential resident must not be classified as a sexual or violent offender.