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You are responsible for your success or failure.

Our Strategic Partners

MCDAC (Medina County Drug Abuse Commission)

MCDAC - Cathys House PartnerThe Medina County Anti-Drug Levy provides critical funding to Cathy’s House, basically about one-third of its budget. Without this financial support Cathy’s House would not be able to exist as it currently does. For instance, we don’t have to turn away anyone right now because they can’t afford to pay the monthly rent at Cathy’s House.


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Executive Director : Brian Nowak
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Cathy's House Board Of Directors

Medina County ADAMH (Alchohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board)

(330) 723-9642

Alternative Paths
(330) 725-9195
Full service behavioral health services primarily for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses.
Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc
Toll Free 1-888-425-4258
Full service Mental Health and Addiction Services
Catholic Charities Community Services
(330) 723-9615
Community-based social service and behavioral healthcare provider for Seniors
No one is denied services provided by Medina County ADAMH contracted service providers because of inability to pay.
If you or a loved on is experiencing difficulties with opiate addiction please call the Medina County Health Department at (330) 662-0456 to ask about Project DAWN (DEATHS AVOIDED WITH NAXALONE), a partnership between Medina County ADAMH Board and Medina County Health Department. Project DAWN is a free walk-in training program and kit for the administration of Narcan (Naxalone) to someone experiencing an opioid overdose. Bring photo ID.
If you or a loved one is experiencing an immediate psychiatric crisis, please call Alternative Paths at (330) 725-9195