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Empowered Recovery

Since 1998, Cathy’s House has empowered more than 900 people to live a life without the use of drugs and alcohol.
As a leader in Recovery Housing, Cathy’s House uses a safe, structured, all-encompassing approach to provide men with the knowledge, hope, and community they need to succeed. Our affordable program encourages personal growth for residents and champions a healthy lifestyle.


Cathy’s House exists to empower recovery for our residents.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Cathy’s House is to serve the community by providing certified recovery housing for individuals seeking an affordable, high quality environment in order to learn the skills to live a lifestyle of recovery.

Cathy's House vision is that recovery housing becomes accessible to all individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. 

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Bed Request



Dedicated to affordable rent with assistance for all residents.


Evidence based structure that exceeds the standards of recovery housing.


An enduring quality of both physical space and program operations.


Peer based support with individuals who use their own recovery journey

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