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2023 Giving Opportunities
25 Year Anniversary


Every donation goes directly towards helping us provide an opportunity for others.

Where does my donation go?

Over the last 24 years, Cathy's House has been home to over 900 individuals. This year, we will increasing our bed capacity by 43% and will reach 40 beds total. We provide much more than an affordable, safe place to live. We provide an opportunity for those seeking a new way of life!

Our vision as we start our 25th year is this:

We will Open Doors and Empower 

We will empower our residents with the opportunity to live in an affordable, clean, high quality home that supports their recovery journey. This includes obtaining employment, assisting with transportation and engaging in community activities to strengthen the brotherhood of recovery. Every resident completes a basic needs assessment and receives those necessary items, free of cost. 

We will Develop and Support

 With our certified staff, we will ensure we continue to provide a quality recovery focused program for our residents. By setting individual goals and frequent check ins, we attempt to support our residents before a crisis occurs, allowing them to establish their own, unique recovery journey. We will continue to develop our staff through training and education, ensuring we continue to follow best practices and keep staff retention a priority. 


We will Grow

 As the need for recovery housing increases, our goal is to continue to meet that need and make sure everyone has access to quality recovery housing. Expansion of our services would include additional housing locations, increased transportation capacity and additional recovery life skills/workforce development opportunities for our residents. 


We will Lead

 Cathy's House Inc will continue to lead the state of Ohio in quality housing as our Executive Director and staff are continually advocating for recovery housing at the local and state level. Providing ongoing education for other housing providers and assisting Ohio Recovery Housing in their review process, ensures that we are continuing our knowledge base and exceed the standard of care. 

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