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Graham's House

Level I - Mens

Graham's House is, "the next step" for residents in our housing program and was born out of generous donations from Heartland Community Church, the Medina County ADAMH Board and Hope Recovery Community. 

Established as our first Level I house, Graham's House is certified as a Level I recovery residence through Ohio Recovery Housing. For more information on ORH and the levels of residences, click here.


With an increasing need for men's beds and a skyrocketing success rate, Cathy's House Inc. soon found that it needed to create additional space for men to live for an extended amount of time.

As residents began to increase their length of stay, Graham's House was born out of a generous offering from Heartland Community Church during Christmas Eve in 2020. Following Heartland, The Medina County ADAMH board and Hope Recovery Community also donated significant funds to make this location possible. 

As a certified Level I house, Graham's House is democratically operated by the residents and supported by staff. In order to empower resident recovery, residents are able to come and go as they please, go on vacations and take as many overnight passes as needed. 

Residents are able to enter level I housing after 6 months of residency at one of our level II locations. Graham's House is the place to continue the recovery journey at one's own pace and schedule as they encompass recovery support into their daily lives. 

In Memory of Graham Tucker

One of America’s 70,029 opioid overdose deaths in 2020 cut to the heart of Medina’s Tucker family, snuffing the shining light from the bright blue eyes of their youngest child.

Graham Tucker was 25 years old when he relapsed in Phoenix, Arizona after heading out to visit a buddy from his days in Army basic training.

He had a passion for cars, and was excited to start a new job selling for a local Phoenix dealership. He had made friends with several guys from recovery who shared a love for working on their cars.

This time.

This time, he was so hopeful that recovery would stick. This time, he was determined to stay with his meetings. This time, he would ignore the sleazy dealers that hovered over guys taking a smoke break at a meeting.

This time. This time.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, Graham’s family was attending Nar-Anon meetings, listening and learning from other parents, friends and siblings trapped in the spiral of addiction. They learned they weren’t alone. They learned that relapse was too often a wrenching, sorrowful part of the recovery process.

They were terrified to receive “that call’” and were torn asunder when it came, just as America was plunged into the darkness of the worst pandemic in a century. Funeral with just a small group, burial with family alone. Tears that seemed they’d never end.

Determined to help others struggling with this illness, the Tuckers pitched in to help provide recovery support resources to others in Medina County. It was what Graham would have wanted. We’re convinced he’s up there, giving us a thumbs-up and that beautiful smile that lit up any room he was entered.

He’d be happy that we’re helping, in every small way we can. And we’re so very honored to have a Medina recovery house named for him.

The Tucker Family
Brian, Janet, Kelsey & Meredith

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